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Malawi SDNP runs a number of mailining lists or discussion lists using majordomo. Simple steps on how to subscribe to the discussion lists are given here below. You can even start your own discussion list at Malawi SDNP as shown below. Some of the public lists already available and which you can join are as follows:
Civil Society (Malawi) e-mail discission list. The list focuses on issues
related to NGOs, CBOs, IGOs, civil society and current affairs in Malawi.

The list carries out open debate on important issues in and on Malawi such as - the NGO Bill (2000) - news - poverty - project management and collaboration - democracy - human rights - AIDS - youth - environment - etc. 

This is an open public list using the list address

An NGO Home page for Malawi page is also available here



ecological - agriculture e-mail discussion list. 
Target group: development agencies, research and extension workers, natural resources managers, organic farmers etc.

The list address is

Malawi SDNP runs this list for the Environmental Education Association for Southern Africa (EEASA) Malawi chapter. The aim of the list is to facilitate interaction and networking of educationalists and environmentalists within Malawi and with others in the Southern African. The list is an open public list operating on the e-mail address:

How to subscribe to a discussion list

You can subscribe to most of these lists by sending an e-mail to:

and in the body of the message put only the command:

subscribe <list-name>

where the <list-name> is one of your choices from above or is the name of a list that is active at Malawi SDNP.

Starting your own list

You can also request and start your own discussion list at Malawi SDNP. If the discussion list area or topic is a public one and Malawi SDNP determines that the list will be for the benefit of the public, then Malawi SDNP can run  the list free of charge. Private lists are also supported but  these are charged at the rate of one and a half times the price of an e-mail only account at Malawi SDNP. See our website on services and charges.

To request a discussion list you need to specify the following details:

  1. Name of the list:  for example <list-name> above.
  2. Brief description of the list (see examples above)
  3. Name of  person responsible for the list. Malawi SDNP offers training for the list manager via e-mail.
  4. E-mail address of the person responsible for the list - the list manager
  5. Brief introduction to the list including reasons or need for creating the list. This will go into a welcome message that goes out once to every new subscriber to the list
You can e-mail your request containing this information to Malawi SDNP at You can also fax or send the information to Malawi SDNP using our contact information available on the Malawi SDNP website.


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